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Big 3d printing on kickstarter

Gigabot 3D printing brings large format printing ever closer to affordable. At $2500 this printer is a whopper. Designed to be used in developing countries, this printer will soon be available to the public.




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fixing file uploads in croogo

I tend to keep my public_html folder at the same level as app folder when working in cakePHP.

Croogo is set up to serve the webroot folder from inside the app folder by default, so if you move your public_html directory then you’ll also need to ensure your file uploads still work.

look in app/views/helpers/image.php

and change the $fullpath and $url to match your directory path.

mine is

$fullpath = ROOT.DS.WEBROOT_DIR.DS.$uploadsDir.DS;
$url = ROOT.DS.WEBROOT_DIR.DS.$path;

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New label designs at wilko

Wilkinsons is a shop selling low priced general hardware, pharmacy and sundries.

On a trip recently we discoved that Wilkinsons have updated their own brand product labelling. The update has produced a charming and playful set of labels which we were so delighted with that we went round the store hunting for the new labelling, some of which included below.

complete food for adult working and sporting dogscomplete food for adult working and sporting dogs

tomato feedtomato feed

ant & crawling insect killerant & crawling insect killer

squeeze sponge mopsqueeze sponge mop

rose & flower bug killerrose & flower bug killer

To see more, check out my flickr set.

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Javascript tooltips

Tooltip is a good way to show extra information when user hovers the cursor over an element, If a tooltip on your website is very well made and looks amazing then it can improve our site’s user friendly level, and also save us a lot of spaces.

Theres plenty of different approaches to dealing with tooltips, above the standard title attribute or alt text.

Here are 20 tooltips to choose from.

My current preference is Tiny Tips – a very versatile tooltip which allows you extend as required.

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MySQL text limits

Today’s  discovery: MySQL TEXT fields have a limit of 65,000 bytes. If you insert anything larger than that in to a normal TEXT field mySQL will silently truncate your data without telling you (meaning software checks are probably a good idea). MEDIUMTEXT will store 16 million characters and LONGTEXT can handle over 4 trillion, but this information does not appear to be readily available in the online mySQL manual. Something to bare in mind when designing database applications.

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Bake path for cakephp

A super easy way to bake cakephp from anywhere in commandline is to add / append your path in .profile/ .bash_login etc.

Add /cake/cake_1.2.3.8166/cake/console or equiv location of your console directory.


export PATH=/cake/cake_1.2.2.8120/cake/console:/usr/local/bin:/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/apache2/bin:/opt/local/lib/postgresql82/bin:$PATH

Then run source .bash_login etc to enable it or log out and in again.

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Useful cakephp resources

A couple of useful cakephp resources have turned up on the twittersphere which will super handy for those wanting to learn or increase their knowledge of cakephp.

Matt psuedo coder ssuper awesome cakephp tips

Chris Harjtes Refactoring Legacy Applications Using CakePHP

I’ve also been tagging cakephp related stuff on my delicious account – which you can find at http://delicious.com/brightstorm/cakephp.

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New cakephp release

from gwoo at cakephp.org

I am happy to announce another release of CakePHP 1.2. CakePHP[1] includes several bug fixes and most importantly a security fix. To understand the security issue please have a look at Ticket #6336[2]. While this may not affect every installation of Cake, we do recommend that everyone take the time to upgrade their applications. Also, note that there was a bug in Paginator related to changing directions on sorting that is now fixed. For a complete list of changes, please look at the changelog[3].

The release is available from the following link
[1] http://bakery.cakephp.org/articles/view/release-cakephp-1-2-3-8166
[2] https://trac.cakephp.org/ticket/6336

Once again, thanks to all the team at cakephp.org for an amazing product. Happy baking

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Mobile office with netbook and iphone?

Following on from my netbook hackintosh post earlier this month, and after a hardware fail on my macbookpro, fresh thoughts on getting a mobile unit up and running are running rampant.

Ideally i’d like a tiny netbook running MacOSX with a means to get it online whilst offsite (considering i have been contracting out at Future Publishing for the best part of a year offsite is commonplace).

So with an imminent iphone upgrade on the cards and no macbooknano in the pipeline, the shortlist for such a device is as follows.

1. netbook – looked a few but it seems the acer aspire one (a150) seems the best value.

2. iphone – this will come from o2 when we upgrade our workphone contract.

3. something to upgrade the netbook with – given i’ve several copies of MacOSX lurking around maybe one might make it onto such a netbook. Fortunately a tweep sent me this link

4. someway to get iphone and netbook to share nicely – word on the twitter is that netshare would be able to share wifi connection which sounds sweet.

When this happens is dependent on my patience and when we go iphone.

Thought seeded.

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