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Simple Home Security with Raspberry Pi and DropBox

Built using a Raspberry Pi and a Playstation Eye camera, this budget security camera system is a great way to protect your house and spy on your pets whenever you are out and about. It takes shots every 5 mins, then records continuously if any movement is detected. A cron job that runs every minute triggers a python script that synchronises the folder of pics with your folder at Dropbox, which gives you global access.

Details explained by mogshade at http://mogshade.wordpress.com/2012/12/23/simple-home-security-with-raspberry-pi-and-dropbox/


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Lego announces robotic toys that can communicate with mobile devices

Lego is frequently cited by members of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers as one of the ways they first became interested in the principles of engineering and remains a shared passion to be enjoyed with engineers’ children and grandchildren. This year, the excitement of structured learning through play and platform for finding out about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is going to be heightened, thanks to the introduction of new Lego robotics which can talk to mobile Apple and android devices.

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Small low cost linux PC comparison guide

A guide to the various small low cost Linux pcs that are on the market in early 2013


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Getting to grips with GPIO and Raspberry Pi

Getting started with GPIO today. I bought a little kit which had a breakout cable, bread board and some resistors, leds and some switches. The breakout cable is a bit weird meaning I have to do my wiring in reverse in the following tutorial. Will do for now.

I’ve been following Gordon’s Projects, being pretty green when it comes to electronics I started with
A single LED

Here’s my finished project


And a close up of the board


Due to the breakout cable – I’m running my wiring in reflection with the pin one side being on the right handside of the breadboard. This cable is a bit awkward too as the ribbon gets in the way. An Adafruit cobbler should solve that and make it easier to work out which pin is which

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Thanks for the memory

This picture of a 5 MB Ramac HDD has been doing the rounds for a while now but is still just as impressive. The drive was made in the 1950s and weighed over 1 ton.



60 years on, here’s a Sandisk 32 GB micro sd. I know which I’d rather carry.

Micro: 15.0×11.0×1.0 mm (0.59×0.43×0.039 in)

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The Netbook Hackintosh Video Apple Made Wired Take Down

Until apple fill the gap between iphone and macbook air, there will always be someone trying to install OSX on a non apple machine, in this case a netbook.

Wired recently posted a video on how to do it and got into a bit of trouble. This article from gizmodo explains more and shows the said video which is interesting viewing.

I’m happy enough with my stack of macs at the moment and will try hold out for the arrival of the rumored large screen ipod touch/tablet.

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