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Passive Infra Red sensors and the Raspberry Pi

It’s taken a while to arrive, but finally I have received my infra red sensor that I ordered from china via EBay.

It’s a simple circuit: just power and 1 GPIO port. I followed the circuit I covered in a previous post, and produced the following.


The sensor has two things you can adjust: sensitivity and time – the amount of time the circuit stays on – between 2 and 200 seconds.


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Fun with ultrasonics on Raspberry Pi

SRF05 ultra sonic range configured following Matt Hawkins example circuit and python script I hooked up the following:


This circuit allows for the setting of events specific to certain distances. I configured a message to change depending on how far the dog was away:


The future scope is to trigger another GPIO pin depending on location which could activate a warning sound

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Making blank worlds in Minecraft Pi edition

Winkleink has a python script that creates blank levels in Minecraft Pi edition so you can run your own builds on the flat ground you’ve created.


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SRF05 Ultra Sonic Ranger

Datasheet for SRF05 Ultra Sonic Ranger.


Ill be following Matt at Raspberry Pi Spy has a example python script which covers hooking it up to the Pi

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Simple Home Security with Raspberry Pi and DropBox

Built using a Raspberry Pi and a Playstation Eye camera, this budget security camera system is a great way to protect your house and spy on your pets whenever you are out and about. It takes shots every 5 mins, then records continuously if any movement is detected. A cron job that runs every minute triggers a python script that synchronises the folder of pics with your folder at Dropbox, which gives you global access.

Details explained by mogshade at http://mogshade.wordpress.com/2012/12/23/simple-home-security-with-raspberry-pi-and-dropbox/

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Raspberry Pi + Wii

I recently came across this post showing the capabilities of the Gertboard. What I didn’t realise up to this point was how straight forward it was to connect up Nintendo Wii remote controls to the Raspberry Pi and use it to control programs (and activate the GPIO).

The Wii remote despite its infrared sender is actually a Bluetooth device and can be connected to the Pi via any generic (cheap) USB Bluetooth dongle and a library that turns the signals into something Python can get involved with.

Here’s a Brian Hensleys blog which explains the process of how he did it.

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Raspberry Leaf

A really useful idea – a template for Raspberry Pi GPIO so you can see the PIN numbers when attaching your wires.

Visit Dr Monks site for the print out.

Thanks to Liz from Raspberry Pi blog for the link.


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Minecraft Pi API

This wiki documents the Minecraft Pi API Protocol. Handy.

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Looks like our Minecrafting is going to be put on hold for the next few days whilst I sort out what’s up with my filesystem.


Stuck at shell..

Any tips on what to do next would be appreciated.

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Python and Minecraft Pi edition

A blog dedicated to Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi.


Along with the blog, the nice guys at MCPIPY have provided all their code in a git repo which makes it massively easy to get the scripts onto the Pi.

You can access the git repo here

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