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Photonic Professional GT – nano 3d printer

This little spaceship, known as the Hellcat, was printed using the worlds fastest commercial 3d nano printer, the Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT. It measures just 125µm x 81µm x 26.8µm (l x w x h) and is about as long as the width of a human hair.

The Photonic Professional GT uses a 3D laser lithography system developed by Nanoscribe that can handle data transfer rates of more than 5 terabits per second. The system achieves its high-speed through the use of galvo technology – a series of rotating mirrors that deflect laser light for quick and precise focus. Similar technology is used in laser light shows and in the scanning units of CD and DVD drives.

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Ten 3D printers for 2013

From The Register:

You may not know why but you probably want a 3D printer. These are intrinsically cool devices: A mix of engineering, electrical engineering, material science, chemistry, electronics and software.

As an emerging technology you need to understand a bit of all of these to get the most from a hobbyist device, just as early computer users needed to be competent with a soldering iron and writing assembly code. Here we look at ten of the most interesting 3D printers around. There is a mix of technologies, and some are not yet shipping, but it goes to show just how diverse this nascent industry is.

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Human ear moulded using 3d printer

Print-out ears may be one step closer to reality, now that scientists are figuring out how to tweak 3-D printers to craft customized ear cartilage out of living cells. Though the printable ear hasn’t been used in humans, the goal is to make these ears reliable enough to be used for children born with deformed ears, and adults who lose them from injuries.

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3Doodler 3d doodler goes nuts on Kickstarter

The inventors of the 3Doodler at Wobble Works mustn’t have know what had hit them today.
Their ingenious handheld 3d printer pen was the talk of the Internet today.
The original goal of $30,000 has been smashed with over 30 days to go on kickstarter. The pledge target jumped by $500,000 over the course of the day, approaching $900,000 and 10,000 supporters.
Backers were treated to updates from kickstarter throughout the day.
Here’s a little word from Wobble Works

and here’s a little something our web designer 3Doodled for you while we were frenetically typing away (tweet @its4raz to say thank you!). The reference to “People who make cool things”, yeah, that’s you not us


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Wobble Works – 3D doodler on kickstarter

This looks fun if you can wait till October to get your hand on it:

3Doodler is the world’s first and only 3D Printing Pen. Using ABS plastic (the material used by many 3D printers), 3Doodler draws in the air or on surfaces. It’s compact and easy to use, and requires no software or computers. You just plug it into a power socket and can start drawing anything within minutes.

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Now with only 32 days to go the 3Doodler has hit over $400,000 in pledges which is fantastic news. We’ve managed to secure a $75 pledge which will get us a 3Doodler pen when they ship in the autumn. Will start crossing off the days 🙂

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Hello Maki – the 3d printable robot

MAKI is a friendly humanoid robot designed specifically to be replicated using a desktop 3D printer.

According to is designers, Hello Robo, MAKI is comprised of six AX-12 Dynamixel Actuators from Robotis, an Arbotix Robocontroller from Vanadium Labs, ZigBee Wireless and a USB Webcam from Microsoft. MAKI is compatible with popular software such as ROS, Pypose and RoboRealm. MAKI can also be used with Arduino IDE.

Taking advantage of readily available electronics, easy to print designs, and open source software, MAKI can be build for under $500

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Over the Top 17x17x17 cube

Over The Top is a world-record 17x17x17 Rubik’s Cube. It makes quite pretty patterns. It can take many, many hours to solve. The puzzle was first presented live to the world at at the New York Puzzle Party Symposium, Saturday Feb. 12th. The YouTube video was be published after that event, and the record was accepted by Guinness World Records.



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The 10 most favourited 3D printed products of 2012 on Shapeways

The 10 most favourited 3D printed products of 2012 on Shapeways

The Strandbeast is one of my favourites



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Delta Maker

A clean and elegant personal 3D printer built on a delta robot platform.



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Print your own InMoov animatronic robot

Gael Langevin, a French sculptor and model marker has spent the better part of the last year designing and engineering his own animatronic robot called InMoov. And it’s open source, so if you’re feeling confident, you can try to build one yourself using a list of off-the-shelf electronics and parts he shares on 3D file sharing site Thingiverse.



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