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3Doodler 3d doodler goes nuts on Kickstarter

The inventors of the 3Doodler at Wobble Works mustn’t have know what had hit them today.
Their ingenious handheld 3d printer pen was the talk of the Internet today.
The original goal of $30,000 has been smashed with over 30 days to go on kickstarter. The pledge target jumped by $500,000 over the course of the day, approaching $900,000 and 10,000 supporters.
Backers were treated to updates from kickstarter throughout the day.
Here’s a little word from Wobble Works

and here’s a little something our web designer 3Doodled for you while we were frenetically typing away (tweet @its4raz to say thank you!). The reference to “People who make cool things”, yeah, that’s you not us



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