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Pi Supply – Intelligent Power switch for Raspberry Pi

Since I got my Raspberry Pi I’ve been interested in sorting out a better way to power it down. Currently you have to log in via SSH and issue a sudo shutdown -h "now"
Which shuts down and halts the device so you can pull the power.

So I was pleased to learn today of the new kickstarter – Pi Power.

The Pi Power is a self assembly board that sits between the power supply and the Raspberry Pi, and has the means to cut power to the board once the device has been issued a shutdown.

There is also a hard power off button for use in emergencies which immediately cuts the power to your Raspberry Pi. Remember to only use this button when absolutely necessary (e.g. Pi has been frozen for a long time) as it risks corruption of the files on your SD card if done at the wrong moment.

What makes Pi Supply superior to other makeshift solutions available is that it allows you to restart the Raspberry Pi using the sudo reboot command without the power turning itself off. Perfect!




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