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AlaMode Arduino Compatible shield for Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a standalone computer and an inexpensive way to learn programming and embedded Linux systems. The Arduino makes interfacing with the real world easy, has hundreds of libraries and shields available to expand its functionality. Imagine what could happen if you combined the two? You’d get the A la Mode.
The A la Mode is an Arduino compatible board that gives your Raspberry Pi the expansion and ease of use of an Arduino. With the A la Mode connected to the GPIO pins on your Pi you can write a program in any language you like to control or monitor your Arduino application, putting internet integration and control at your fingertips. In addition, you can program the A la Mode directly from the Pi, and even use the Pi to display information from the Arduino or use the Pi as an Ethernet shield.
Because the A la Mode is a new product there isn’t a lot of information yet about how to use it. For this reason we recommend it to makers who are familiar with programming both the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.

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The Cooking Hacks Arduino Shield was covered in an earlier post


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