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Performance issues

CPU spikes up to 100% when browsing in Midori are causing some performance issues for me apart from being frustrating. Turns out this is common (and I guess a side affect of trying to do a few things at a time on a low powered processor).

1. On loading most standard pages the CPU spikes for about 3-4 seconds.

2. There’s a bit of a lag moving around pages (scrolling for instance has 0.5s – 1s delay)

3. Certain sites (blogspot.co.uk) crash Midori completely

4. Browsing the Raspberry Pi site is fine (apart from #1 & #2), browsing the forums is fine, but posting is very slow. When I click in the reply window the CPU hits 100% and stays there. Typing is delayed by about 10s. Clicking outside of the reply window immediately drops the CPU right down and things start responding, clicking back in the window again kick the CPU up again.


Seems the solution is not to use Midori and instead install chromium.

I’m suspecting also that my power issues isn’t helping here either. Will report back when I have got both sorted


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2 Responses

  1. bigmek says:

    Have you already overclocked it? The newest whezzy lets you do that without voiding the warranty, runs a little bit smoother now.

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