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Over the Top 17x17x17 cube

Over The Top is a world-record 17x17x17 Rubik’s Cube. It makes quite pretty patterns. It can take many, many hours to solve. The puzzle was first presented live to the world at at the New York Puzzle Party Symposium, Saturday Feb. 12th. The YouTube video was be published after that event, and the record was accepted by Guinness World Records.




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The 10 most favourited 3D printed products of 2012 on Shapeways

The 10 most favourited 3D printed products of 2012 on Shapeways

The Strandbeast is one of my favourites



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Who ate all the Pi’s?

Verity Stob on wanting a Raspberry Pi

A great piece from the register



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How to manage processes from the Linux terminal

The Linux terminal has a number of useful commands that can display running processes, kill them, and change their priority level. This post from How To Geek lists the classic, traditional commands, as well as some more useful, modern ones.


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Delta Maker

A clean and elegant personal 3D printer built on a delta robot platform.



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A summary of current Raspberry Pi Motor Controllers

I’m about to start hooking up motors to my Raspberry Pi and am looking at the best way to do it. There’s lots of boards than can be attached to the Pi to do this.

Dave Snowdon has made a list:


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Pi-Face Digital

Here’s a board I found whilst looking for ways to attach motors to the Raspberry Pi

Pi-Face Digital plugs directly onto the top of your Raspberry Pi, and allows you to sense and control the real world. Detect switch states, for example from a door sensor, a pressure pad or any number of other switch types. Then write your own software for Raspberry Pi that determines how to respond to that switch state. You can drive outputs to power motors, actuators, LEDs or anything you can imagine.



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Small low cost linux PC comparison guide

A guide to the various small low cost Linux pcs that are on the market in early 2013


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Passive Infra Red sensors and the Raspberry Pi

A neat little sensor that can be hooked up to the Raspberry Pi to allow interaction with the outside world via GPIO


Available on eBay got a couple of quid.

Raspberry Pi Spy explains how to wire them up to the Pi and supplies a sample python script to operate the PIR sensor.



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AlaMode Arduino Compatible shield for Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a standalone computer and an inexpensive way to learn programming and embedded Linux systems. The Arduino makes interfacing with the real world easy, has hundreds of libraries and shields available to expand its functionality. Imagine what could happen if you combined the two? You’d get the A la Mode.
The A la Mode is an Arduino compatible board that gives your Raspberry Pi the expansion and ease of use of an Arduino. With the A la Mode connected to the GPIO pins on your Pi you can write a program in any language you like to control or monitor your Arduino application, putting internet integration and control at your fingertips. In addition, you can program the A la Mode directly from the Pi, and even use the Pi to display information from the Arduino or use the Pi as an Ethernet shield.
Because the A la Mode is a new product there isn’t a lot of information yet about how to use it. For this reason we recommend it to makers who are familiar with programming both the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi.

Buy the shield

Read a review


The Cooking Hacks Arduino Shield was covered in an earlier post

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