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Mobile office with netbook and iphone?

Following on from my netbook hackintosh post earlier this month, and after a hardware fail on my macbookpro, fresh thoughts on getting a mobile unit up and running are running rampant.

Ideally i’d like a tiny netbook running MacOSX with a means to get it online whilst offsite (considering i have been contracting out at Future Publishing for the best part of a year offsite is commonplace).

So with an imminent iphone upgrade on the cards and no macbooknano in the pipeline, the shortlist for such a device is as follows.

1. netbook – looked a few but it seems the acer aspire one (a150) seems the best value.

2. iphone – this will come from o2 when we upgrade our workphone contract.

3. something to upgrade the netbook with – given i’ve several copies of MacOSX lurking around maybe one might make it onto such a netbook. Fortunately a tweep sent me this link

4. someway to get iphone and netbook to share nicely – word on the twitter is that netshare would be able to share wifi connection which sounds sweet.

When this happens is dependent on my patience and when we go iphone.

Thought seeded.


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2 Responses

  1. Rick Hurst says:

    I think your fondness of apple is getting in the way here – one of the things that stopped me getting an iphone was it’s inability to be “legally” used as a modem, and I imagine that setting up a hackintosh netbook and then getting it to speak to a phone will be a PITA. having said that if you can still get hold of netshare (wasn’t it banned by apple?), sharing a 3G data connection via wifi is usually more straightforward than messing around with bluetooth modem scripts. This is what I do with my nokia N95 + macbook, although doing so drains the N95 battery in about 30 mins!

    My PAYG Three usb dongle works very nicely though..

  2. iammikek says:

    there is a copy of netshare lurking around that i can acquire if need be.

    I’m interested in hackintosh in principal, but it seems too much of a pita to consider it in reality. Until apple sorts it in a mini device, i’ll likely just stick with a *nix flavor that i can LAMP.

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