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Mobile office with netbook and iphone?

Following on from my netbook hackintosh post earlier this month, and after a hardware fail on my macbookpro, fresh thoughts on getting a mobile unit up and running are running rampant.

Ideally i’d like a tiny netbook running MacOSX with a means to get it online whilst offsite (considering i have been contracting out at Future Publishing for the best part of a year offsite is commonplace).

So with an imminent iphone upgrade on the cards and no macbooknano in the pipeline, the shortlist for such a device is as follows.

1. netbook – looked a few but it seems the acer aspire one (a150) seems the best value.

2. iphone – this will come from o2 when we upgrade our workphone contract.

3. something to upgrade the netbook with – given i’ve several copies of MacOSX lurking around maybe one might make it onto such a netbook. Fortunately a tweep sent me this link

4. someway to get iphone and netbook to share nicely – word on the twitter is that netshare would be able to share wifi connection which sounds sweet.

When this happens is dependent on my patience and when we go iphone.

Thought seeded.


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where am i?

Occasionally i need to capture the url of the a current view page in cakephp which i would do by

echo $this->params['url']['url']

A bit of googling today, now gives me a nicer way to do it.

echo $this->here;

sweet eh?

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Cake and eat it -> Release:

After a fantastic christmas present of a stable release of cakephp 1.2, I’ve now found via the blogosphere, that there is new release to play with, cakephp release

You can read the announcement here or go get yourself a new download from cakeforge
. Which is where i am off to now.

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PHP: Parsing HTML to find Links

From blogging to log analysis and search engine optimisation (SEO) people are looking for scripts that can parse web pages and RSS feeds from other websites – to see where their traffic is coming from among other things.

Parsing your own HTML should be no problem – assuming that you use consistent formatting – but once you set your sights at parsing other people’s HTML the frustration really sets in. This article at Art of Web presents some regular expressions and a commentary that will hopefully point you in the right direction.

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The Netbook Hackintosh Video Apple Made Wired Take Down

Until apple fill the gap between iphone and macbook air, there will always be someone trying to install OSX on a non apple machine, in this case a netbook.

Wired recently posted a video on how to do it and got into a bit of trouble. This article from gizmodo explains more and shows the said video which is interesting viewing.

I’m happy enough with my stack of macs at the moment and will try hold out for the arrival of the rumored large screen ipod touch/tablet.

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Converting sql from latin to utf-8

a useful tip from andygale to convert sql from latin to utf-8

iconv -f ISO-8859-1 -t UTF-8 dump.sql > dump_utf8.sql

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Final cakephp 1.2 now here

The much anticipated cakephp 1.2 development framework is now stable.

The history of the CakePHP grows stronger. December 25, 2008 will be remembered as one of the most important points in this history. After exactly 2 yrs from the first development release, we can happily say we have the most stable and powerful web framework available. Please enjoy our big present to you, CakePHP 1.2 stable [1].

See the release notes here

Fantastic news.

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